Our Vehicles

We are a local commercial vehicle rental company specializing in the rental 
of MinivansRemoval Trucks and Cars


IMG 5998

12 seater mini vans
7 seater people mover
Ideal for groups, schools, sports clubs, teams. Great for moving a number of people.
Just like driving a car
No special licence required

IMG 5997IMG 5996



Furniture Removal Trucks

Ideal for bigger jobs
Will accommodate an average 2-3 bedroom home
Simple to drive


16m3 4.3 m long 1.77 m wide 2.06 m high (car license)
21m3 4.3 m long 2.20 m wide 2.27 m high (class 2 license)
22.5m3 4.8 m long 2.10 m wide 2.15 m high (car license)
(local Gisborne truck).


ner cars2019

Honda Fit 4 door compacts
Mazda Premacy 5/7 seaters